Do You Want Top 25 Strong Dirty Pick Up Lines for Girls



1. Without a spoonful of sugar, “I could swallow you”

2. “Me wrapping my legs around it….I know what would make your face look better. !”

3. “I think I need to put your hose in my mouth to put out the fire.”Boy, you’re making me so hot!

4. “ if you want, You can be the meat between my buns ”

5. “when I saw you, My vagina let out a little tear ”

6. “I want to know your name, so when I am pleasing myself tonight I can scream it.”

7. “ I still want to blow you and  You might not be a candle,  .”

8. “I am dripping wet waiting for your tongue to help me clean up.”

9. “If I sat on your face, it would look even better.”

10. “I wanted to test my gag reflex and was wondering if you had anything to stick down my throat.”

11. “You look hungry. Luckily, I have a never-ending supply of cream for you.”

12. “I’ve got the perfect buns for your hot dog!”

13. “Hey, do you have a napkin? Because you’re sure making me wet.”

14. “You look like a cowboy. Would you mind riding me?”

15. “I’m no weatherman, but I can see you growing a few inches tonight.”


16. “It’s wet and moist somewhere. Want to feel?”

17. “Tonight could be the night that I am screaming your name.”

18. “My night would be perfect if you cum with me.”

19. “My mouth is just aching for your tongue.”

20. “It’s all fun and games until I drop my panties on the floor.”

21. “I’m trying to build a fire between my legs and wouldn’t mind using your wood.”

22. “Hey baby, I had to come over here and ask you if you would like to do the dirty tango with me.”

23. “I don’t like the wine here much, but I would definitely like you trying to make me moan.”

24. “You’re the perfect big package that I want to take away from here and unwrap.”

25. “You don’t have a ring and neither do I. Want to go back to my place?”


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